Light Gauge Steel Frame: The most promising material for faster construction.

March 31, 2023by Anurag0

Technological advancement for sustainable, affordable, and durable construction, such as Light Gauge Steel Frame construction, is the need of the hour. However, construction in India has its own set of challenges. With the growing demand for rapid construction, it is essential to develop technology that supports the changing weather conditions and transportation of materials across challenging terrains.

Light Gauge Steel Frame (LGSF) is the answer to these concerns. It is a construction technology that uses cold-formed steel as the construction material.

Let us see how Light Gauge Steel Frame (LGSF) has become the most promising material for faster construction and how it can answer many challenges in this sector.


What makes LGSF the most promising material for faster construction?

1. It is versatile:

Light Gauge Steel construction in India has gained popularity due to its versatility. It can be used for roof systems, floor systems, wall systems, roof panels, decks, or an entire building. For example, LGSF is used in projects in Leh for natural calamity protection. Another example is Niagara’s project facility in Ludhiana, where timely delivery was possible due to the use of LGSF.


2. Speeds-up construction:

Unlike wet construction methodologies, Light Gauge Steel Frame construction in India doesn’t require a drying phase. There are no delays during construction and no problems like labour shortfall or material shortages. LGSF makes installation hassle-free and shortens the overall completion time of the project.

Light Gauge Steel Frame
Light Gauge Steel Frame


3. Convenient assembly:

An LGSF structure can be assembled in a factory or on-site. Following the plan, the deck sheet can be fitted to the joist and filled with lightweight concrete.


4. Time-saving:

Light Gauge Steel construction in India is not only known for its remarkable longevity but also for its manageability and time-saving features. One of the key factors that contribute to this is the flexibility of LGSF structures to be assembled either at the factory or on-site. This unique characteristic allows for simultaneous assembly and production, significantly reducing construction timelines and enhancing overall project efficiency. By enabling parallel processes, LGSF construction in India offers a streamlined approach that saves valuable time and ensures seamless coordination between different stages of the construction process.


5. Decreased errors:

Every piece of steel produced by Light Gauge Steel Framing manufacturers in India has pre-drilled holes for fasteners and is levelled and labelled to prevent confusion or errors.


6. No delays:

As traditional construction requires clear skies, rain might impede work. Light Gauge Steel Frame construction in India is rust-free; therefore, moisture won’t harm the structure or components, and work may proceed without interruption. Activities like cutting and welding cannot be done in a light mist. Light Gauge Steel construction in India completely eliminates these obstacles.


7. Requires lighter equipment:

LGSF buildings are 1/3rd the weight of conventional buildings. The construction pace of LGSF structures is nearly double that of conventional methods. Consequently, light equipments are sufficient for Light Gauge Steel construction in India, and it does not require picking up and lifting machines, making it ideal for rapid construction.


Wrapping up:

LGSF construction is rapid and easy. We can attain maximum efficiency since we prefabricate each component. The lifespan of a steel structure is 50 years, with sophisticated cladding extending it.

As a Light Gauge Steel Framing manufacturer in India, we provide high-quality LGSF construction services. We ensure that we make every structure to precise standards, exceeding our customers’ expectations.

You can benefit from our expertise by selecting Light Gauge Steel construction in India for your next project. We can help you get the most value for your money by advising you on the best building materials, designs, and construction techniques.

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