LGSF can be considered a green construction technology due to five key factors.

1.  Low energy consumption An LGSF structure is energy efficient as it requires 68% less energy to build and, in comparison to concrete, steel production results in a 53% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

2.Minimizes construction waste. LGSF construction method utilizes fibre cement boards fixed onto steel frames instead of traditional materials like concrete, resulting in less construction and demolition debris.

3.Components can be recycled. LGSF construction, which uses steel and gypsum board, results in no resource wastage since these materials are 100% recyclable.

4.Recyclable steel is incorporated. Up to 85% of steel used in construction is recyclable, with 99% being recycled or reused during demolition, and LGSF construction can use up to 25% recycled steel, even from old cars. 

5.No chemical treatment is needed Steel's natural resistance to pests, termites, and rust means it does not require treatment, saving both health and the environment