5 main reasons why LGSF qualifies as a green construction technology

October 16, 2022by Anurag0

A new study by the construction blog Bimhow (light gauge steel frame building in India) has revealed that the construction industry contributes 23% to air pollution, 50% to climatic change, 40% to drinking water pollution, and 50% to landfill waste. In addition, according to the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), the construction industry accounts for 40% of worldwide energy consumption, and by 2030 emissions from commercial buildings are expected to increase by 1.8%.

In light of irreversible ecological imbalance, scarcity of natural resources due to the massive demand for construction materials to meet the ever-increasing population, and the global pollution triggered by the construction industry, sustainable development has become imperative.

In response, several newer and sustainable building materials and technologies have been proposed that are all set to revolutionise the landscape of the construction sector. LGSF (Light Gauge Steel Frame) is one such technology that has gained widespread acceptance in India.

Therefore, the purpose of today’s blog is to present you with five reasons that justify LGSF as a sustainable building technology. Here we go.

light gauge steel frame building in India
light gauge steel frame building in India


1. Light gauge steel frame building in India is energy efficient.

Compared with concrete, steel production reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 53%. Additionally, it takes 68% less energy to erect an LGSF structure.

Furthermore, the walls and roofs of light gauge steel frame building in India  are constructed by parallelly fixing two cement boards attached to the steel sections. The gap between the steel and the board is filled with a thermally insulating material, such as Rockwool. As a result, the interior of the building remains cool during the summer and warm during the winter. Therefore, you save money on electricity bills since there is less energy consumption.


2. It reduces construction waste.

LGSF walls are built using fibre cement boards that are fixed onto steel frames, reducing the use of concrete and other materials. Thus, unlike conventional construction methods, LGSF structures produce minimum construction and demolition debris when dismantled and reconstructed in a different location.

Moreover, we at Nipani Infra and Industries Pvt. Ltd. use 3D Modelling to determine the exact dimensions to avoid any cutting or trimming that would result in waste generation.


3. It is fully recyclable.

Steel is the only infinitely recyclable material – enough to build 180 Eiffel Towers daily. In this regard, light gauge steel frame building in India use steel and gypsum board, which are 100% recyclable, allowing the former to be reused in other products or re-build new structures. Consequently, there is no wastage of resources.


4. It is made from recyclable steel.

Around 85% of steel is recyclable at the end of a building’s lifespan. During the process of demolishing a building, the industry recycles or reuses structural steel, repurposing a remarkable 99% of it. In LGSF construction, the utilization of up to 25% of recycled steel is possible. You may even extract steel from 8-9-year-old cars to construct an LGSF building.


5. It does not require any chemical treatment.

Zinc/Galvalume alloy pre-coats steel, rendering it resistant to termites, rust, and insects. It is, therefore, not susceptible to degradation. Unlike timber and metals that require pest control or anti-termite treatment now and then.

Since steel does not require treatment, we save our health and the environment from contamination by avoiding chlordane, a chemical commonly used in pesticides to kill termites. Chlordane poses a health hazard and damages indoor air quality.


Wrapping Up

In recent years, LGSF has emerged as a technology with enormous growth potential and application. Since it requires 48% less fresh water and 65% less raw materials than conventional structures. It helps effectively combat natural resource scarcity. The Building Materials and Technology Promotion Council (BMTPC) supports and approves it, as well as the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY).

We are the pioneers in LGSF construction in India for over 25 years. We have contributed over one million square feet of LGSF construction. Offering 360° structural steel construction services and EPC solutions. We specialise in cold-formed steel construction, watch towers, staff housing, barracks, and conventional building methods.

If you have envisioned your dream space and would like us to transform it into reality, let us help you with a bespoke solution.  That solution will exceed your expectations.

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